Kilts Optional!

Having been born in Scotland, Gabe and Mike will be wearing kilt tuxedos at the wedding. As they trace their ancestry to Clan Campbell, they will be wearing the Black Watch tartan, which is also worn by numerous units of the Scottish military. Any guests who wish to wear a kilt to the wedding are invited to do so. Being Scottish is not required! 

As kilts are hard to come by in Northeastern PA, Gabe and Mike are renting online from They encourage interested guests to consider the $50 "Golf Package", which includes a kilt, belt, sporran, socks, and flashes (sock garters). Simply pair with a dress shirt and shoes, and you will be all set. The order form for the Golf Package is available here. Gabe and Mike recommend the Black Watch tartan for anyone who does not have a Clan, or anyone who cannot find a kilt in their own family tartan. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Gabe.